Battambang Tuk-Tuk & Bicycle Full Day Tour

highlights: Phnom sampov killing Cave  & Bat Cave ,Bamboo Train, beautiful countryside small villages,Handicrafts like bamboo sticky rice (Cake)  , Killing Field (Wat Samrong Khnong), The Cambodian Cheese Factory (fish paste), countryside, rice paper, banana chip, Ek phnom (old temple), local lunch,
transport: tuk-tuk + bicycle
pickup time: 8:00AM
duration: 8-10 hours
Tour Details: 
Firstly, we take our bike along the small road (dirty road) to see one of the activities which is called Blacksmith.
Here we can have a look at how they make knives, sickle, axes,hoes…etc. then We keep going on the same road line for few km until our second stop at the factory which is called Sticky rice bamboo cake (khrolan). Here we can see how they are made using fresh ingredients like Sticky rice, coconut milk, sugar,salt,Black soy beans cook it in the Bamboo …..and so on. Then we have an opportunity to taste this delicious snack.
After this we turn around and enter the pagoda,killing field (Wat Samrong Khnong) nearby. This is the oldest pagoda in Battambang, more than 300 years old. And you will get to know more about Buddhism and the history of Khmer Rouge from our tour, It is possible to take  pictures inside.
Then after that, we move on to the countryside where we can see nice scenery and the activities of growing and harvesting rice depending on the season And learn how to grow /harvest it by the farmer as available. There are some more sights to enjoy on the way such as, local school(public primary school), fruit farm…etc.
So next stop, we ride across the ruined bridge to visit the Cambodian cheese factory (fish paste) There is a lot involved in the fish making process like smoke fish,dry fish,fish paste etc! It is a very important ingredient in local cooking, and without it , the food is would just not be the same! It is an incredibly strong smell that you may not have experienced before.
Let’s take a break for a while. Now we have time to relax at the place which is called Rice paper  Making .You can see the rice paper being made for fresh spring rolls and deep fried spring rolls and learn how to make them from the owner. Then sit down and enjoy  some of them freshly made .Delicious .After about 10 more minutes,we reach the banana chip (dry banana) You can see how they make dried banana from one family who is working together with children. You will be able to try it and  learn how to make it by following them and after that is our lunch break at local  village about 1 hour and after lunch we are continue to ride our bicycle to the city then take tuk tuk to the bamboo train and you can ride on it if you want (Note: it will cost you 5$ Each )after bamboo train we continue with tuk tuk to Phnom Sampov mountain (killing cave ) and you have to climb up (or take a motorbike) the mountain to see the killing cave, big cannon, gun, monastery and Stupa. The view on the scenery from the top of the hill is very beautiful. When you come down, we will wait around 5 or 10 minutes for the bats. They are flying out from the cave and between we wait for bats (millions of them), I will explain you about the Pol Pot, killing cave and the mountain. After the bats, we are going back to the Hotel..

 Included: Pick up and drop off, free information, petrol, Snack , Tuk-Tuk or motorbike , guide on the way ,Cold Water . entrance fees, lunch,Bicycle with local hat.


Not included: bamboo train ticket USD5/person and killing cave and bat cave USD1/person

NOTE: If you feel inclined, donations/tips at various stops help the local people to continue to stay in business, as they depend on this revenue for their livelihood.

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